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Eating own cum stories

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This way I can have the clear sticky pre-cum drip onto my face, have great close up looks at my COCK and squirt my load down into my open mouth.

Latex Is The Name Of My Game. Salma hayek nude youtube. This usually results in a few small pulses of cum escaping which I eagerly scoop off with a finger to lick. Eating own cum stories. She undressed in the dark, light pouring in through the drapes and dancing off her beautiful body.

Where'd you learn to suck cock like that? What a beautiful way to go to sleep. But a full fresh load from my cock into my mouth is still the goal especially more Or hey, maybe I had worse dental hygiene than I thought back then. Women hot gif. Drugs…maybe, except he wasw just drug tested but did start to act differently AFTER that.

It is so precious, so delicious. A fucking book for god sakes. She told me to put my mouth over the cum and to not take it up until the cum was melted and I had sucked it all up.

There was no warning at all she just started pouring it in my mouth. By bigfunfun at 19,Apr,17

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Our moans became pants until we both broke our kisses at the same time and he whispered to me "Do you have a place? A SHOE BOX [that you don't need to reuse and keep Masturbation Page Forum News and Updates. Strap ons online. If you don't think that, straighten out what you DO think about it. It's been talked about on here a thousand times so I see no need to get into detail.

This was in my late teens, and I was still struggling to come to terms with my own sexuality. No big deal I thought, Ill just quickly stop in the bathroom on the way down, we'll be good to go. Eating own cum stories. It was a brave attempt, a valiant effort. Had she kept doing this I would have had to swallow my whole load without ever getting off, being left to remain worked up and to suffer the torture for days to come. As my tongue licked all over his most intimate places I could feel myself becoming even more captivated with his manly aroma.

He ran his fingers through my hair, tightening his grip when my lips passed over his sensitive cock head. Thick dildo tumblr. She looked at me hornily. Now, months later, when she and I are apart, she loves to have me tell her about how I am going to eat it. I luv to look i the mirror and see all that cum on my face and lips.

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I have trained my cock to shoot cum without having an orgasm so when it shoots I love swallowing it. Another way is to shoot it into some handiwrap for eating in a few minutes or for freezing as a cumsicle that can be inserted into my pee hole the next time or for sucking until it melts in my mouth. Share your stories and laugh along with the internet.

She then handed me the container and told me to take my disgusting filth and find a place in the freezer where it could be safely stored and not found. Lynne lay next to me in bed, asleep. For the second time, instead of "not thinking about it", I pretended it was my wife who was raising her finger to my mouth, which made it even easier. Eating own cum stories. As I was licking his cum from my lips I wondered if he had ever eaten his own cum before. By at 09,Jun,14 Why not we all agreed. Swinger next door. If you expect others to eat it, you should try eating it yourself ;P It tends to taste fairly neutral, but depends on what you eat.

We had a lot of fun and flirted with each other and laughed and chatted with our friends.

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