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This blog contains adult content. Tamara taylor pics. Well my parents used to follow up the spanking by pushing a glycerine or soap suppository up my bottom - they were acutely aware that kids misbehave most when they haven't done a good shit for a day or two. Wet bottom spanking. I was whipped as a child, when I did something wrong I got lit up with the belt by my dad. To be more effective! We got spanked naked when we were little, usually with the belt on our genitals. My daughters asshole. If the spankee lies over the spanker's lap or an item of furniture such as a bed or couch, a towel might be placed underneath to keep the surface dry.

You can guage the level of punishment by the colour on the bottom. Spanking Girls Ass views. He had eleven hours to make the six hour drive and earn the bonus. I have to admit, at first it felt odd to see him that way not since he was a baby! Please login or register to post comments.

Recent Searches View all tags. She knew missing their flight was all her fault and felt bad about it.

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Her grandson was visiting and needed a playmate. Mp4 massage porn. Suddenly the spanking paused, and Melody felt herself being turned over on Mommy's lap. Long before the spanking was over Melody was reduced to a helpless bawling baby. Barry [ Edit View ].

They slowly came over with pouty faces as I laid them both over my lap at the same time. Wet bottom spanking. Fund Free Mammograms with a Click www. View my complete profile. You may wet his bottom before spanking or spank him by wet hand. Hot video xvideo com. His right hand grabbed the wheel, and pulled right just as they entered the left shoulder. She also cut short my argumentative nature with lines like "do you want me to take down your pants right here in front of everybody". Added 52 months ago Bullies Strip Girl At School Added 52 months ago Girl In BIG Trouble!

Huge Black Cock Fucks WEt Pussy views. Do not spank a child in this position that is struggling, as you may accidently strike them in an inappropriate place. Wet bottom spanking. JavaScript is required for this website. As soon as the child is in tears, you will also know it.

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Later, small spankings on their behinds with my hand. In spanking fiction , wet bottom spankings are used to make a spanking scene more interesting, often emphasizing the fact that it also stings more this way. Ray [ Edit View ]. He kept thrusting in fast, though long, hard strokes, causing her to squealed each time he hit home.

Aug '12 2 min sugar bear El's Kitchen Feb '09 5 min sugar bear 76, Denny Crain's Place May '10 7 min sugar bear 23, conversation using song lyrics Aug '13 7 min zazz 2, Add a Word remove a Word Oct '13 12 min Yournotgoingtobel All I could do was lay there crying and react to the energy of each new blow.

Her mouth was even better than he remembered. The buttocks can also be made wet with a sponge, a spray bottle, or similar items. Wet bottom spanking. I was TRYING to be good, really! Each swat caused a slight break in my continuous wail. I leaned my right arm aganist the shower wall and buried my eyes in my elbow.

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