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Posted July 17, at 8: He loves being near the half-elf, and to know that Richter cares for him enough to do something so drastic to preserve his life makes him happy. Mini shorts tumblr. These are pictures highlighted by Gerona-Queen. Human male vore. Carefully setting Aster down outside the cave, he removes a light from his pack and draws his weapons and quickly checks it out.

I will use each subordinate to the fullest extend of their tolerance level and add additional subordinates in the event my needs or expectations cannot be fulfilled. It felt better at the end with all of the development, but somehow Hope you like it! I can't wait to see the next one!

Posted July 13, at 9: Although somehow the RichAster VORE at the end felt odd He glances around, and his eyes land on a vague shadow approaching them. The pronographer movie. He rubs gently at Richter's insides, hoping to convey how at ease he is now. Fatal vore, Oral vore, Same-size vore FICTIONAL BIOGRAPHY A legal ward of the state following his parents death, Rigo became the sole inheritor to their enormous estate once he was legally recognized as an adult. Although I really wish our water was working, my door wasn't busted so cold air come in, and it wasn't- degrees out , and I didn't have to work another morning shift.

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He thinks it feels better now that Aster's warm instead of dangerously cold. Old timers sex. He feels safe and relaxed, like he always does with the redhead, but this time there's something different, something he can't quite pin down. His huge belly was hanging out from his. What do I do? Thanks for the watch. Human male vore. The red-haired man can't say he minds, though, because he enjoys the human's company, tiring as it is.

Human Male Vore Predators often enter a state of hypersexuality post-vore—at which point they get hard enough to fuck concrete—making any sexual activity potentially hazardous. He craves the gentle affection Richter is giving him. He hesitantly reaches a hand up, brushing his fingers against the human's cheek, watching as the younger male's blush deepens. Sammi sweetheart nude pics. He releases Aster and draws his ax as well.

Richter is grateful that Aster isn't freaking out, at least not that he can tell. About silly human vore I want you all to know I would like input on something you might like to see of the silly human vore.

Hiding adult-oriented content Showing adult-oriented content Grid View List View. I love fatal and cocky hungry guys.

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You have better things to do with your time than flame me for writing this or something. Axel's Feminine Feast It was a clear afternoon and I decided to go to the lake for a nice swim. Riku-Wolf and the Seven Sora-Fauns Once upon a time, deep in a forest, there lived a mother Sora-deer and seven little Sora-fauns. Zack trotted into the kitchen, curiosity written all over his face, and Beth expl.

He had simply hoped that it would be the latter. Did I catch my breath? No, he was just imagining He belched a reply and shook more. Human male vore. After a moment of hesitation, he grabs the pack itself and quickly sorting through the contents once more and bundling up anything burnable in the remains of the blanket from the human's pack. He's not afraid anymore, and he's actually starting to enjoy himself. White silky panties. He hears the monster cry out in pain, and feels a weight on his body.

He's grown too used to the constant presence of the half-elf to be comfortable without him for too long.

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